Current PRIMARY PRICE is 0.4 ETH or 10 SOL (subject to change).

You can now make an offer on selected pieces by clicking on the image to go to Opensea (Also available on Looks Rare). If you prefer to pay in ETH and not WETH, kindly use Instructions below to purchase Legends Live Forever using our white glove service.

  1. Choose the one(s) you want minted to you. (Check Secondary to make sure it hasnt been minted yet )
  2. Fill out this Form
  3. I will be in touch.
  4. For ETHEREUM Holders, Legends Live Forever is being minted on my own Manifold ERC 721 Smart Contract. You do not have to connect your wallet to our website. The NFT will either be minted to you (cost of NFT paid ahead in an ETH transfer – no mint gas fee to you) or minted and sent to your address for a private sale.
  5. For Solana Holders, Legends Live Forever will be minted to you and available in your wallet and on Exchange Art.
  6. If there is a piece that you may have had your eye on and it has already been sold, you can check to see if it is available in the Secondary Market on Opensea or Solana . You can also make an offer to the holder.
  7. If you have any questions please Contact Me.