Legends Live Forever

Still Life Photography NFT

A Signature Collection by Toni Payne

Legends Live Forever is collection of Fine Art Still Life Photography. The full collection will be released over time in small batches of 10-12 pieces till I reach my goal of 120+ pieces. This is a long term collection that will be designed over time as my story develop.

For FUTURE DROPS – ETHEREUM holders, Legends Live Forever is available as an NFT and your piece will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain on my own Manifold ERC 721 Smart Contract. For SOLANA holders, the available piece you choose will be minted on Solana via exchange art. The choice is yours. Please fill out the interest form so that I can reach out to you.

About the Artist

Who am I? I am an enigma. I rose from the ashes and took the stone thrown at me and began to build a legacy. I am the Queen of my castle and the captain of my ship. I am strength personified. I am imperfect, this is sometimes clear in my actions. I’ve been through many phases and seen many places. I have felt pain, joy, love, and heartbreak. You know me because destiny has brought you here, in this moment, you see me, in a world where it is easy to feel unseen. I wield a camera as a form of expression. I enjoy beautiful things. I tell stories of what was, what is and what will come to be. Some call me creative, but my goal is to be called Legendary. I am Toni Payne -Orisha of my own destiny and I welcome you on this journey with me.

My Artist Bio

Toni Payne is a Still Life Photographer and Spoken Word Poet who creates dynamic art from things you would otherwise consider mundane. She enjoys capturing the essence of things using composition, color, lighting, and sound. Exploring spirituality through her art is one of her artistic goals. She is also the host of the NFT Talk Show podcast where she educates about NFTs and founder of the Champayner Social Club, an art lovers club who also prioritize doing social good.

About the Collection

Your art will outlive you. Even when you stop, it will continue. – Toni Payne

Legends Live Forever is a collection of Fine Art Still Life Photography images intended to arouse diverse sensations in the audience. With art being subjective, I attempt to drive the narrative of each piece by titling it after a poem created during distinctive events in my life. But still… It is left to the audience to put the pieces together and arrive at their own conclusions. This collection will be an ongoing story of that which was, is, and will come to be.

Each piece that will be presented in this collection represents the past, the present, and the future. The story starts where I found myself lost and everything I had worked hard and sacrificed for, came crumbling down before my eyes because it truly did not belong to me, and it wasn’t my legacy. 

I came to the realization that you can put your all into something, but if it is not truly yours, it can never be yours. The choice was clear. You can continue to spend all your years’ building for someone else, only to be discarded and forgotten or you can build your legacy and live through your art – forever.

There is a saying that goes, “may we never encounter a challenge that we do not have the strength to overcome.” This is relevant to my life story. I sought refuge in poetry and wielded a camera to shake off the feeling of feeling useless to myself. I went back to what should have always been. I chose to be the author of my fate by facing the most challenging part of the beginning of this story with my head held high and today I stand before you, a woman with a newfound purpose. Legends Live Forever is the fruit of this purpose. 

I thought I had lost everything, but I found that I had gained myself. The road to self-discovery was tumultuous. Some days I am still not sure I have arrived. I wrote a lot during these times, I still do. Many times, out of frustration, many times to ease the pain, and many times, just because I wanted to live a life of fantasy through my poetry. Each piece in Legends Live Forever has been designed and named after a Poem that I have written at different points in my life.  I choose for things to be visually beautiful. Each piece will come attached with an excerpt from its founding poem. 

Legends Live Forever leads to the story of my renaissance. A reminder that as long as you live, there is hope to steer your story. It is the reincarnation of my ability to create, sustain, and bear fruit, but this time, the legend is me. My art is me and I am it.  We are forever immortalized in our art, never to be forgotten. And in our own right, we are all Legendary and Legends Live Forever. 

I welcome you to put the pieces together. Where am I now and where do I wish to go? I will continue to tell this story with Legends Live Forever with the reminder that the only thing constant is change. 

How to Display Your Legends Live Forever Piece

White Walls by Toni Payne – Collected by FrankieDTankie

Legends Live Forever is an experience. The beauty of NFTs is also in its versatility. Now you can collect art from artist around the world and display them on a digital screen. While metal prints work beautifully, the best way to display and experience a legends live forever piece is by using an NFT Digital Frame like the 43″ Frame pictured above.

Why Still Life Photography Art NFTs?

Many well-known and legendary artists have done still life art works. Some examples include Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh. Still Life Art has evolved over the years. Contemporary Still Life art can be paintings or photography.  

The earliest known Still Life Art dates to 15th century BCE and was created by Egyptians who would depict images of food, utensils and items used in everyday life. These paintings were painted in tombs and gives us insight into what was deemed important enough to document during those times.  Still Life features inanimate objects that are arranged, mostly on a table to create a composition. Often included in Still Life art, but not limited to, are organic objects like flowers, fruits, food, and everyday items like glassware or vessels.

Why White Glove Service?

The decision to offer White Glove Service for this collection to achieve four main things. The ability to give the primary collector of each piece the chance to customize their experience. Also, because this collection is very personal to me, I wanted to allow myself the opportunity to say hello to its primary collectors, because the most beautiful relationships, start with a hello. This also gives you the confidence that you are purchasing directly from the artist. Lastly, It allows me to prioritize past and present supporters of my work. Although the initial release of Legends Live Forever will have limited pieces, I will continue to release more pieces over time.

Customizing the Experience for Unminted Works

Legends Live Forever gives its primary collector the chance to customize their experience. I am offering two customization options. 

  1. You can choose if you would like your piece minted on ETHEREUM or SOLANA
  2. You can choose at mint, if you would like a metal print with your piece. If you do decide to get a metal print, the final price of your piece in ETH or SOL, will be the cost of the NFT + Cost of Metal Print. If you decide NOT to get a metal print, you would simply be paying for the cost of the NFT.  

Please note: 40×50 Metal Print is an extra .25ETH/6SOL (Price based on current market and subject to change)

How can I collect a piece in Primary?

Legends Live Forever is offered via White Glove Service only. There will be no PUBLIC PRIMARY sales. You can use the INTEREST form for Legends Live Forever to indicate interest.  I will contact you via Twitter from my ONLY official Twitter Page. Please do not respond to DM’s from any unverified page. You will then get a password to access the Choose a piece part of this website. Once you decide which one(s) you want, I will work with you to set up a private sale minted to your wallet. As an alternative, you can pick up a piece in the SECONDARY market for ETH or SOLANA

How about Secondary Sales?

Secondary sales will totally be up to my primary collectors and will be available on Opensea for ETH or Exchange for Solana. If you are unable to get the piece you want in primary, you can check Opensea or Exchange. Primary sales will continue to be private, and my past and present supporters will continue to have priority.